Monday, December 04, 2006

Sportsmanship at the Highest Level

During the ACC championship game on Saturday, Georgia Tech's football team showed some outstanding sportsmanship toward Wake Forest's defensive star Jon Abbate:

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Then came the beginning of the fourth quarter, the time each game when Abbate's throat tightens. Wake players and fans pay tribute to Abbate's late brother, Luke, who was killed last Valentine's Day in an auto accident while coming home from Harrison lacrosse practice. They all hold up five fingers to commemorate the No. 5 Luke wore as a Harrison football player —- and the number Jon wears now. It's also the number of organs donated after the accident that helped five other people.

Only this time, an opponent joined in, the Tech players and fans all holding up five fingers as the teams switched sides of the field to begin the final quarter. "We wanted to pay respects to an Atlanta guy," said Tech linebacker KaMichael Hall. "There are some things more important than winning or losing a game. I can't imagine losing a little brother like that."

Good job by the Yellow Jackets. Even though they lost the game, they get it.


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