Sunday, February 25, 2007

Making Order Out of Chaos

Has anybody basketball coach in the nation faced a more challenging situation this season than Ron Everhart, the head man at Duquense University?

After arriving at the Pittsburgh campus in late March, Everhart had to patch together a roster with only two players returning from the 2005-06 squad that won only three games (hence the job opening that he filled). Then there was the shooting in September where five players on the team was wounded. During the season, the short roster has been sliced even thinner with injuries. To make things even more interesting, Everhart decided to change his team's system after the season started.

The Dukes will need to win the Atlantic-10 tournament to earn an NCAA bid, a highly unlikely event, but just the fact that the team has held together and won a few games (10-16 record through yesterday's games, 6-9 in the A-10) has been quite an accomplishment.

Click here to read the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article "A Season In Chaos" to learn how they've done it.


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