Friday, January 05, 2007

Leadership On and Off the Court

That's a brief description of Courtney Gomez, a junior point guard for the University of Hartford.

Gomez carries a 3.55 grade point average and has already helped her team win two American East championships. She is also Co-President of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee for the past two years. Through her involvement with SAAC she has twice attended the America East Leadership Conference and has been able to assist with numerous community service events. Some of those activities include Habitat for Humanity, Wounded Warrior, and Any, where student-athletes sent care packages to soldiers overseas. "I have really learned about leadership and delegating through SAAC," said Gomez. "Instead of just leading by example, I had to learn how to lead by being verbal and delegating."

"Courtney wants to excel off the court as much as she does on," said coach Jennifer Rizzotti. "She is a great student who wants to be involved with SAAC and many extracurricular activities."

Sounds like the definition of a TRUE student-athlete. Click here to read the release on the America East official website.


At 6:37 PM, Anonymous Dave Walley said...

I looked at your blog and really found the stories you cover interesting. too often these days writers focus on the negative aspects of athletics and other issues in the world. To see a different point of view that highlights positives was refreshing. I found your blog to be the most interesting.

In our class on current issues in athletics at California University of Pennsylvania we focus on these very moral fiber components you speak of that Gomez posesses. I have been hard pressed to find positive stories about college athletes doing good, I guess many writers arent interested. Anyway keep up the good work and keep highlighting success stories off the field.

David Walley

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