Monday, January 15, 2007

Terry Stepping Back So Tar Heels Can Step Up

Reyshawn Terry had a breakout season last year for North Carolina's basketball team, averaging 14.5 points per game. His average is down to 9.1 this year, but that doesn't mean the senior is not playing as well. His all-around game, particularly his assist-to-turnover ratio and his defense, are significantly improved.

Tar Heel coach Roy Williams said about Terry, "He couldn't guard his lunch when he first got here," Williams recalled. "He's worked extremely hard, and every success that he has makes you feel really good because I know from how far he came, how much he's worked in the offseason."

In a culture where more and more players are transferring away from big-time schools because they don't get enough minutes or have a big enough role in a team's offense, Terry is a player who goes against that trend, putting the team first.

Click here to read the Raleigh News & Observer's article, "Terry 'mans up' to be a team player."


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