Monday, February 26, 2007

Sun Devils' Romine Enjoying Baseball--And Living

From the Phoenix East Valley Tribune:

The jersey covers his right shoulder, where two parallel surgical scars are located — a sobering reminder of how fortunate Romine is to have so much more than baseball.

After suffering from blood clots that necessitated life-threatening rib removal surgery in January 2006, the junior shortstop and second-generation Sun Devil is again ready to perform at a level that made him one of the heroes of a College World Series team in 2005.

That was just two years ago. But for Romine, it seems much longer, with a lifetime’s worth of adversity that has had to be endured.

“It’s not something you ever expect to go through,” said Romine, son of former ASU and major league infielder Kevin Romine. “Not only was I told that I would probably never play baseball again, I was told that I was lucky I woke up in the morning.“

Every day, I wake up and look in the mirror and see those scars, and I’m happy to be awake and alive.”

Click here to read "ASU's Romine enjoying game again after illness."


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