Monday, March 05, 2007

"Bluffton Baseball: A team in the truest sense"

Last week, only friends and relatives knew much of anything about the baseball team at Bluffton College, a small Mennonite college in Bluffton, Ohio. The baseball team, competing in NCAA Division III (without scholarships) played its games in front of intimate gatherings, some of them who sat leisurely in lawn chairs.

They had raised money on their own for their annual early-season southern swing. This season, they were heading to Fort Myers, Florida.

They didn't make it. The team bus crashed through an overpass barrier and onto I-75 in Atlanta. Four players, the bus driver, and his wife were killed.

Amidst this tragedy, however, is a story of team unity. Before the crash, the players bonded together to develop their skills on the baseball field and form a sense of family off the diamond.

Now, they are helping one other deal with grief just as they leant a hand to help survivors get clear of the bus accident. This is a story of young men who will heal and take the field again stronger, wiser, and closer together than ever.

Click here to read the story, "Bluffton baseball picks up the pieces."


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