Thursday, March 15, 2007

"Good 'Ol Boy"

That's the title of an article about Florida's Lee Humphrey, who will be working to help the Gators defend their national men's basketball championship in the NCAA Tournament just underway.

His better known teammates like Joakim Noah and Al Horford received acclaim, and properly so in my opinion, for spurning NBA riches and returning to school this season. Humphrey used the acclaim and visibility he received from his comtribution in the national championship.

He traveled with Sports Reach to Brazil and help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“His whole thing is,he’s nothing without God. He has never thought of himself as great. Coach [Donovan] gave him an opportunity, and he’s thankful for it. There’s no chance of him getting a bighead,” said Don Mauldin, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes' area director in North- Central Florida.

Click here to read "Good 'Ol Boy" from the FCA's magazine "Sharing The Victory."


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