Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"Fourth Year's the Charm"

Maryland men's basketball players Mike Jones and D. J. Strawberry talk about the benefits they gained from experiencing both the good times and bad times of a four-year college career. With the Terps carrying a seven-game winning streak into the ACC Tournament and Jones and Strawberry at the top of their game, it goes without saying that these are some of the best times.

Strawberry, sitting next to Jones yesterday, smiled.

"Without college, I probably wouldn't know what life was about," he said. "Especially coming from all the way across the country. I probably wouldn't know how to live alone. Now, having to rely on myself, doing things on my own, the connections I made here at Maryland. College has been a great experience. I wouldn't give it up."

Click here to read Mike Wise's Washington Post column, "Fourth Year's the Charm."


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